Nyonya Pandan Kaya (Thick and Lumpy)

Nyonya Pandan Kaya


  • Bottle of kaya (approx. 350 g) at $12

  • Minimum order: 6 bottles *

Freshly homemade old-school kaya. This is a flavourful, thick, and lumpy kaya, unlike the smooth type often sold commercially. It is made with quality eggs, fresh coconut milk, and is infused with flavour from fresh pandan leaves. There are no preservatives or fillers (e.g. flour) added. Our recipe uses less sugar. Its packaging makes it a suitable gift for friends and family. 

* Our minimum order for kaya is 6 bottles. But if are unable to meet the minimum order, you can still place your order. Once we have sufficient orders, we will inform you of the collection date.

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