Kueh Lapis Sagu – Blue Pea

Kueh Lapis Sagu - Blue Pea


  • Whole Cake at $60 (approx. 2.0 kg, 9┬áinch)

A multi-layered Peranakan kueh made with tapioca flour and fresh coconut milk. Our freshly made Kueh Lapis, with natural blue pea colour infused with fresh pandan, has a distinctive look and taste. This unique kueh is well-loved by young and old. Many people enjoy peeling and eating it layer by layer to savour the rich flavour of the kueh.

This Nyonya Kueh Lapis is fragrant, addictive and best eaten within 2 to 3 days. Keep it refrigerated and thaw before eating.

A picturesque and yummy kueh which makes a good birthday cake choice for kueh lovers.

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